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BAMIDBAR — Kids hate whatever they think is boring.  However, as it turns out, much of what’s important in life is not fun-filled and exciting.  While much of a child’s school day can be interesting (one hopes!), memorizing facts is simply rote.  While family life can be fun, chores around the home are not.  There are plenty of highs and lows in life, but most of life falls right in between. The Torah parsha this week, Bamidbar, begins the tale of the Israelites wandering through the wilderness.  They have already been through the excitement of escaping from Egypt and...

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KI TAYTZAY — Kindness to others in children can begin with kindness to animals. Even though children can be fairly self-centered, exposure to animals can bring out the nurturing side of a child. At times, however,  children can also be cruel to insects or animals. These times provide an important opportunity for a lesson in the feelings of creatures other than human beings and can lead to greater kindness for other people as well. Our current Torah portion forbids us from plowing with an ox and an ass together. Besides a concern for not mixing species together, plowing with an ox and an ass can...

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Rabbi Charles Savenor

Claar’s visionary project is not just an amazing resource for parents, but also for Jewish educators and schools.

Director of Congressional Education, Park Avenue Synagogue

Rabbi Steven Wernick

A wonderfully easy, deeply enriching, and modern tool for families of all ages to share in the timeless tradition of Torah.

CEO United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

Glenna Lee

What you are conveying is exactly what I am trying to achieve with my students. It is such a valuable resource.

Educator & Curriculum Writer

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