Values-Oriented, Accessible Discussion Topics

That Empower Parents at All Levels of Jewish Knowledge & Commitment

Values & Ethics—Through a Jewish Lens (V&E) was created to give busy families an easy to use, informative interpretation of Jewish values relevant to everyday living.

The website and companion book provide insights into issues that affect the daily lives of families drawn form 3000 years of collected wisdom. Our discussion starters—called Torah Topics—are synced with the weekly Torah portion and suggest simple strategies for sharing its insights with the whole family.

Torah Topics are short, easy-to-digest, 1-minute summaries with insightful questions that provoke conversation and further understanding. They are designed to open a meaningful dialog with your children and other family members and to bring ethical insights into our busy, modern lives.

Use the V&E Torah Topics to begin a new family ritual. They will foster quality family discussion time, help you learn more about your kids from their comments, and let your children learn more about you and your ideas. We know that family rituals can be hard to establish. Begin by taking V&E out for a spin on a regular basis. Soon it will become part of your meaningful family time together!

Here are some ways to integrate Torah Topics into your family:

  • Carpool conversation
  • Bedtime chat
  • Shabbat table talk and discussions around meals
  • Weekly parent resource for schools to share
  • Curricular resource for family learning
  • A catalyst for further study

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